Thursday, May 08, 2008

Access to Former Willowbrook Residents

Due to strict privacy laws, families are denied access to information about their relatives whereabouts. For some, it's a matter of knowing whether the individual is dead or alive, and if so, where are they located.

For families of deceased former Willowbrook residents, the question is, where are they now? There is no concrete information concerning the burials of these children. Some claim, that they were sent to mortuaries outside of the Willowbrook compound. However, reports were made by workers during the deconstruction of Willowbrook that bones were found on the property--no names, no dates.

To date, there has been no "official inquiry" made to OMRDD. Each month, individuals looking for information about family members come to this blog in hopes of finding a clue that might lead them to their long lost relative.

Below is the link to the May 8th, 2008 article in the New York Times about Jean Moore's experience looking for information about her deceased brother.

If you are looking for a missing relative, please feel free to post a comment in the section entitled "Get Connected with Other Willowbrook People," explaining your situation and/or email Vanessa Leigh DeBello at with Willowbrook in the subject line.